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The big clean-up that Norbury needs!

If everyone did something, it would add up to something big!

Join us in the big clean-up that Norbury desperately needs! By taking small steps together, we can achieve something significant.

Litter continues to be a persistent problem in our beloved wild places, such as local parks, roadside verges, and the hedgerows lining our streets and roads. These natural spaces are home to various forms of wildlife. Imagine how you would feel if someone littered your bedroom with coffee cups, takeaway wrappers, and tin cans!

Gather your family, friends, and neighbours to form a team and clean up your designated patch. Many hands make light work, and you'll be amazed at the positive impact you can have (not to mention the everlasting gratitude of nature). In addition to individual efforts, we have compiled a list of national campaigns you may want to participate in.

Here's what you'll need for a successful litter picking session:

  1. Bags: Carry sturdy Bags to collect the litter.

  2. Thick gardening or work gloves: Protect your hands while picking up trash.

  3. High-visibility vests: If you already wear one while cycling, it will serve the purpose perfectly.

  4. Litter-picker (optional but recommended): While not essential, a litter-picker can be incredibly useful.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to organise your clean-up effort:

  1. Choose the area you'd like to clean. Consider the safety of the location for your litter pick.

  2. Set a date and time for the clean-up. Recruit your team, which could include your family (with adult supervision) or with us! @litterfreenorbury

  3. Wear gloves throughout the clean-up.

  4. Avoid picking up anything that may harm you, such as broken glass. You can report this in ''Love clean streets'' app if you are not family check our post here.

  5. Remember you can always inform once you've completed the activity!

Join us for our monthly clean-ups and be a part of making Norbury a litter-free community! If you prefer, you can always join our regular clean-up events to contribute to the ongoing effort.

We're excited to announce our next clean-up scheduled for 24/06/2023. Check out the below picture for a glimpse of what's in store! Mark your calendars and spread the word among your family, friends, and neighbours. Together, we can make a significant difference in maintaining the cleanliness of our beloved Norbury.

Together, let's make Norbury litter-free and create a cleaner, more vibrant community for everyone to enjoy!

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