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Want to report an environmental issue in Norbury? Use Love Clean Streets!

Is the best UK's best App for reporting environmental problems; such us litter, graffiti, fly-tipping... Anyone can report issues like this using a smart phone, and it only take few seconds!

This is how it works!

1. Get the App
Your location is detecting automatically.

2. See a problem.
Graffiti, fly-tipping or fly-posting, potholes, abandoned cars, dog mess, and many other problems in Norbury.

3. Take a picture.

4. Give a brief description of the problem.
Enter some basic information about the problem, and post the report. When you make a report you can choose from a list of categories relevant to Norbury.

5. Love clean streets works with all UK's local authority and your report will be send to the correct team or help to resolve the issue.

6. You can track progress of reports and see when the matter is resolved!

Get started

Download the app now and make a report

Use the web site
If you prefer you can use our web site to make a report : MAKE A REPORT NOW

Get started and download today! if you see an environmental issue, report it!


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