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Sunshine and Responsibility: Keeping Norbury Litter-Free in the Summer Heat.

Hello Norbury residents and visitors,

As we bask in the radiant sunshine that the hot weather brings, it's important to remember our shared responsibility in maintaining the beauty of our community.

The summer season not only brings warmth and longer days, but also picnics in the park, backyard barbecues, and outdoor gatherings. While these activities enrich our community spirit, they can also lead to an increase in litter.

Littering is not just an eyesore; it poses significant environmental hazards. It can harm wildlife, pollute our waterways, and even contribute to climate change. More directly, it detracts from the overall charm of Norbury, making our streets, parks, and public spaces less inviting.

In this hot weather, when many of us are spending more time outdoors, it's crucial that we each do our part to keep Norbury litter-free. Here are a few simple ways you can contribute:

  1. Pack it in, Pack it out: If you're heading out for a picnic or barbecue, make sure you bring a rubbish bag. Pack out everything you pack in.

  2. Use Public Bins: Norbury has many waste bins placed around public spaces. Use them to dispose of your rubbish correctly.

  3. Take the Extra Step: If you see a piece of litter and you're near a bin, why not pick it up? It might seem like a small action, but if we all do this, it can make a big difference.

  4. Educate the Young: Teach children about the importance of not littering. Their actions now will shape the future of our community.

Every piece of rubbish that gets picked up makes Norbury a cleaner, safer place to live, work, and play.
It's up to us to make sure our community remains vibrant and beautiful, especially during these glorious sunny days.

Thank you for your commitment to a litter-free Norbury. Together, let's enjoy this hot weather responsibly and ensure our community remains a clean and welcoming place for everyone.


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