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Little Litter Pickers: Fun Ways to Get Kids Involved in Litter Picking

Now the Summer holidays are officially here, there's never been a better time to get your kids learning about Norbury and how to take care of it. Involving them in litter picking is a good start, as this is a simple activity that can show them the importance of keeping the natural environment as clean as possible. They'll also be able to see exactly what they've achieved when they finish the activity, as the area where they've been litter picking will be spick and span!

Enter the world of "Little Litter Pickers." By making litter-picking fun for kids, we can motivate them to become champions for a litter-free Norbury.

1. The Litter Picker Treasure Hunt:

Turn the chore of picking litter into an exciting treasure hunt! Arm your children with a list of common litter items like soda cans, plastic bags, and candy wrappers. For every item they find, they get a point. The one with the most points at the end of the hunt gets a reward. Not only will this encourage kids to pick up trash, but it will also make them more observant about their surroundings.

2. The Litter-Picking Challenge:

Social media challenges are all the rage these days. Why not start a #LitterFreeNorbury challenge? Encourage your kids to make short videos or take pictures of themselves picking up litter. They can challenge their friends to do the same. This not only educates them but also spreads the word among their peers.

3. Litter Art Projects:

Some pieces of litter can be washed and reused in art projects. Think plastic bottle flowers, soda can sculptures, or wrappers collages. This way, kids can learn about recycling in a creative manner and take pride in their creations. You can check our post about this: How-to-turn-your-litter-into-awesome-diy-projects

4. Litter-Picking Kits:

Prepare small kits with gloves, bags, and a little picker tool for your kids. Personalise these kits with their names and perhaps even add some fun stickers. Having their own kit makes them feel important and more involved in the process.

5. Education is Key:

Sometimes, the reason we litter is simply ignorance. Teach your kids about the environmental consequences of littering. Make use of books, videos, and field trips to waste management facilities to provide them a well-rounded understanding. Once they know the "why" behind the action, their motivation to keep their community clean will increase.

6. Celebrate the Wins:

Every time your kid fills a bag of litter or achieves a milestone in their litter-picking journey, celebrate it. Whether it's a small treat, a certificate, or just words of appreciation, positive reinforcement goes a long way.

Norbury's beauty is a testament to the hard work of its community. By engaging our kids in fun and interactive litter-picking activities, we're not only cleaning up our town but also raising environmentally-conscious citizens. It's a win-win for everyone. So, let's get those little hands busy for a brighter, cleaner, and greener Norbury! 🌿🌺🌳

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