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Wastage in 2023

With the start of the new year, we would like to draw your

attention into correct wastage disposal, fly tipping and its impact on the community and environment.

It’s highly important to see a bigger picture and to understand the impact caused by incorrect wastage disposal and fly tipping.

  • Fly tipping is illegal in the UK and can result in fines of up to £50,000 or even imprisonment if the offender is caught.

  • Piles of rubbish in the neighbourhood are very unpleasant and can lower property values in the area. No one wants to live or work near a pile of rubbish, and the presence of fly tipped waste can make an area seem less desirable and cared for.

  • Fly tipping sends negative message to the community about the values and pride of the area. It suggests that local people don’t care about the environment and the appearnce of the community.

  • Waste that is not properly disposed of can leak into soil and water, contaminating them and harming wildlife. Oils or chemicals from discarded items can harm plants and animal, and discarded plastic can be ingested by birds and marine life, causing injury or death. This can also affect us throughout the food chain.

  • Incorrectly disposed waste can block drains and cause flooding which can contribute to road accidents or property damage.

  • Fly tipped wastage can create a breeding ground for pests such as rats, mice, and flies. These pests can spread diseases and cause health risks to humans. Nothing will stop them from invading our homes.

  • Fly tipped waste can obstruct pedestrians and road traffic, posing a safety hazard. Pedestrian can slip or trip on the rubbish and potentially suffer life changing injury. Individuals who dispose waste incorrectly and because of that cause accident of other persons may be prosecuted.

  • Fly tipping may lead to higher costs of council tax as the community will need to cover the cost for additional street clearance.

In this in heart Litter Free Norbury Charity organisation is starting the New Year. We do what we do because we care.

We care about Norbury, residents and the environment we live in.

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