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The Hidden Cost of Litter: How Clean Streets Can Boost Property Values in Norbury


Litter Free Norbury is a dedicated charity focused on maintaining clean streets in Norbury, South London, within the borough of Croydon. Our mission is to improve environmental and mental health by keeping our community litter-free. A clean and well-maintained neighborhood not only provides a pleasant living environment but also has significant economic benefits. One such benefit is the positive impact on local house values, particularly in areas with charming 1930s homes and gardens like Norbury. In this article, we will explore how clean streets can help to counteract the detrimental effects of litter on property values and why this matters to homeowners and potential buyers alike.

The Connection Between Clean Streets and Property Values

A study conducted by Keep Britain Tidy in 2015 revealed that litter on residential streets can decrease property values by 2.7% to 11.8%. This is not surprising, as the appearance of a neighborhood plays a crucial role in shaping a potential buyer's perception of the area. A clean and tidy environment signals that residents take pride in their community and are likely to be good neighbors.

Several factors can explain the relationship between clean streets and increased property values:

Curb Appeal: A clean and attractive street enhances the curb appeal of individual properties, making them more desirable to potential buyers. This increased desirability leads to higher demand, ultimately driving up the property values.

Perception of Safety: Clean streets create an environment that feels safe and well-cared for. Potential buyers are more likely to invest in a neighborhood that appears secure and well-maintained.

Quality of Life: A litter-free environment contributes to the overall quality of life in a neighborhood. Clean streets and green spaces promote outdoor activities and social interaction, fostering a strong sense of community.

The Impact on Norbury's Property Market

Norbury, located in South London within the borough of Croydon, is known for its charming 1930s houses with lovely gardens. The area's historical architecture and the efforts of Litter Free Norbury and its dedicated volunteers create a unique blend of beauty and cleanliness that appeals to potential buyers. By maintaining clean streets, we can help counteract the negative effects of litter on property values, ensuring that Norbury's housing market remains strong and vibrant.

Investing in Our Community

The importance of clean streets in preserving and even increasing property values in Norbury highlights the need for ongoing investment in our community. By allocating resources and time to maintain and improve our streets, we not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal of our neighborhood but also to its economic health. Rising property values benefit homeowners by increasing their equity and potential return on investment, while potential buyers are more likely to invest in a neighborhood with a promising future.

Furthermore, as house values rise, there is a potential for increased revenue from property taxes, which can be reinvested into local infrastructure and services. This creates a cycle of continued improvement, elevating the overall quality of life for all residents.


The efforts of Litter Free Norbury, its volunteers, and the wider community demonstrate the power of collective action to create meaningful change. By keeping our streets clean, we can mitigate the negative impact of litter on property values and contribute to the environmental and mental wellbeing of our community. As we continue to work together to maintain and enhance the cleanliness of our streets, we are investing in the future of Norbury and creating a neighborhood that is both visually appealing and economically vibrant.

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