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Our Response To "Litter and Fly-tipping – Its People Not The Council"

More than once recently, we at Litter Free Norbury have heard the phrase "Its People Who Fly-Tip/Litter, Not The Council". I thought this would be a good time to give our response...

When we hear phrases such as "Croydon Council are doing their best to cope with the situation" and "Its People Who Fly-Tip/Litter, Not The Council", this is our collective response:

  • Yes it is indeed people who fly-tip and drop litter and these same people are highly unlikely to change their ways unless they are challenged in some way. This is not the job of private citizens to do.

  • If the Council are doing their best, then isn't it time we supplemented the Council's efforts with the suggestions and energy of groups like Litter Free Norbury? We have genuinely struggled to get any meaningful engagement from our local Councillors and also the Cabinet Member responsible for litter and fly tipping. Croydon Council - we are ready to engage - please lets work together?

  • Is Litter and Fly-Tipping a party political issue? Labour have been in power for a long time. If they genuinely feel that the status quo (see photo above) is the best that can be done, then it's time for a change. We need people in power who are aiming for better things. Indeed maybe you yourself look at the photo above, can't see any fly-tipped mattresses or black rubbish bags and wonder what the fuss is about - if so, you just don't get it!

  • The current Council plan seems to be: a) Fly-Tips and Littering are reported by everyone (i.e. mainly private citizens) by using the Love Clean Streets App. b) There is a network of private citizens who are called street champions, who supplement the work of Veolia in keeping our streets clean. We appreciate that private citizens need to play our part but can we please also see some evidence that the Council are not taking street champions for granted - we would like to understand what the bigger picture is (and our fear is that there is not one).

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