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Norbury's Most Unexpected Holiday Event !

What's best for Christmas than cleaning and sweeping the streets ?

Have you ever dreamed of spending your festive season with a broom in hand, surrounded by the merry sights of litter? Well, your dreams are about to come true !

Join us on December 16th (10AM) for a Christmas cleaning adventure that's more exciting than finding an eaten mince pie on the streets. We'll sweep and we will clean - with a cheer ! PS : Santa might not be joining, but Hey ! We've got garbage bags!

The perks :

- Exclusive, monthly one-time opportunity to see your streets litter-free (maybe).

- A workout better than any gym session.

- That warm, fuzzy feeling inside from doing something good (or is that just the cold?).

Meeting point : Old Lloyds building (Corner London road/Stanford road) - 10AM - We provide the tools.

Please share, and please join ! It will be fun (Promise : No christmas hats will be handed ! *cough* )

All details in picture.

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