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Keep Streets Clean and Safe with 'Love Clean Streets' App

In the north of the borough of Croydon, as we know, Norbury's goal is to set a benchmark for urban cleanliness and safety, thanks to the innovative 'Love Clean Streets' app. This digital tool, available on both Android and iOS platforms, is revolutionizing how residents contribute to the upkeep of their neighborhood.

Reporting with Ease:

Residents can effortlessly report issues like fly tipping, whether it's on the street or in local parks. Litter and graffiti, common urban nuisances, can also be reported through this user-friendly app. What makes 'Love Clean Streets' truly remarkable is its efficiency - most reports of fly tipping and litter are addressed within a day, demonstrating the app's effectiveness in facilitating rapid response from local authorities.

Beyond Cleanliness:

The app's utility extends beyond just maintaining cleanliness. Residents can also report road and pavement issues such as potholes and broken pavements. This feature not only contributes to the aesthetic appeal of Norbury but also ensures safety for pedestrians and motorists alike.

Ensuring Green Safety:

In addition to urban issues, 'Love Clean Streets' empowers residents to report tree-related problems. Whether it's a fallen tree or one that poses danger, these issues can be quickly communicated to the council team, who are prompt in addressing such concerns. This feature underscores the community's commitment not just to cleanliness but also to environmental safety and sustainability.

'Love Clean Streets' serves as a testament to the power of technology in fostering civic engagement and enhancing the quality of urban life.

As more residents engage with the app, Norbury is poised to become a beacon of urban excellence, demonstrating how technology and community spirit can come together to create a cleaner, safer, and more beautiful environment for all.

To download for Android phone :

For Iphone (ios) :

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