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Green lane "Maggie's garden" clean, with a bin !

Maggies garden”, just next to 349 Green Lane (by the bus stop) – according to the legend was supposed to be a memorial for late councillor Maggie Mansell who passed after a short illness in January 2019. For whatever reasons (including the bin removal by the bus stop), the place became totally littered. We do not do politics; but we like a clean neighbourhood.

Therefore last Saturday after getting back the bin by the bus stop, Litter Free Norbury with the help of the Norbury Park volunteers came and cleaned it up! Also, and finally – we have a new bin at the bus stop.

Some pictures attached.

If you want to join our “Litter revolution”, feel free to join Litter Free Norbury :

Original post from Tony (from our Facebook Group).

We have a new bin!

5 months after making the request a new bin finally arrived this week at the Hermitage Lane bus stop on Green Lane, outside Maggie’s Garden.

This was obviously good timing with our clean-up there yesterday and we hope this will reduce the amount of litter that is thrown into the garden.

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