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Event of the 26.11 - Some Results !

As one of our volunteers said, we have to “be the change”. And this is what we have done again. Just a bit of time every day, or an event per month can make a big difference in our community. Thanks to all who joined us.

We had the "Lucky 13" litter pickers undertake a clean-up along the London Rd/High St area.

Over 30 bags were cleared again, with lots being picked from the hedge/verge/green areas (right next to the pavements) as well as the ends of the side streets where the street cleaners don't/rarely seem to venture.

Many thanks as usual to those that took part, and also to those residents that have taken notice of our activities and stopped to give thanks to our volunteers.

Please do not hesitate to DONATE to our cause (using menu link) or contact us.

Thank you.


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