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Driving Change: How You Can Help and Be Part of the Litter Solution

Greetings, fellow Norbury residents!

At Litter Free Norbury, we firmly believe that change begins with the collective efforts of passionate individuals like you. Your actions, big or small, play a vital role in raising awareness and addressing the Litter problem head-on.

Taking Small Steps

A simple act, like picking up a stray piece of litter during your walks, can create ripples of impact. Take a moment to pick it up and toss it into the nearest bin or recycling. Your actions set an example for others and contribute to the formation of a new social norm - one where littering is simply not acceptable.

Make a Stand on Social Media

The power of social media is immense, and we can use it to our advantage!

Conversation is a potent tool for change. Engage with your friends, family, and local community, discussing the impact of litter and the importance of taking action. By talking about the problem, we shine a light on it and foster a sense of responsibility within everyone. Like and share our posts on social media to spread the word and raise awareness about the litter issue in our community. Together, we can reach more people and inspire positive change.

Join or Start a Local Litter Pick

Action speaks louder than words, and what better way to make a difference than by participating in a local litter pick? Together, we can roll up our sleeves and keep Norbury clean and pristine!

Start a Dialogue with the Council

A clean neighborhood is a cherished one. Engage with your local council and emphasize the importance of maintaining clean spaces. Clean environments promote a sense of well-being and pride in our community, and we can all contribute to achieving this goal.

Don't Give Up!

Passion and persistence are the driving forces behind change. Stay committed to the cause, and let your enthusiasm inspire others. Together, we can make a substantial impact on Norbury's litter problem and create a cleaner, safer, and more inviting community for all.

Your dedication and active involvement in tackling the litter issue are paramount to our success. With your help, we can transform Norbury into a shining example of a litter-free haven.


- The Litter Free Norbury Team

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