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McDonald's Litter - An issue created by this giant.

It is clear that the issue of litter from McDonald's drive-through customers in Norbury, South London is a concern for the local community. The presence of hardened cardboard and single-use plastic on the streets not only detracts from the appearance of the area, but also poses a threat to wildlife. While McDonald's may conduct some litter patrol near their restaurant, it is not sufficient to address the problem caused by customers who choose to eat in the community rather than in their cars.

One solution to this problem would be for McDonald's to increase their efforts in litter patrol and clean-up in the surrounding area. This could include assigning a dedicated team to regularly patrol and collect litter in our area, as well as implementing an educational campaign to raise awareness among customers about the importance of properly disposing of their waste. Additionally, McDonald's could explore the use of more environmentally-friendly packaging materials, such as biodegradable or reusable options.

In the meantime, our solution as the local community is to have our very active role in addressing the issue. Organizing community clean-up events, and advocating for stricter enforcement of littering laws by local authorities. Additionally, our community members are using social media and means of communication to raise awareness about the issue and put pressure on McDonald's to take action. You can help by joining us in this action.

Ultimately, addressing the issue of litter from McDonald's drive-through customers in Norbury. South London will require a collaborative effort between the fast-food giant, local authorities, and of course us, community members.

By working together, it should be possible to create a cleaner and safer environment for all.

The very important point is for McDonald's to listen to us and bring in more efforts, as they are in big part, the cause for this problem.

You can contact McDonalds each time you find litter, send them a message with where and what it was, to help them commit to clean our area.

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