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Manor Farm Nature reserve

You are not dreaming. This headline photo is Norbury ! It's the beauty under the litter.

In Norbury, we have this little oasis, with the Norbury Brook - a small gentle river going by. It is named the Manor Farm Nature reserve, and has been littered and left abandoned for years.

On 24/09 we successfully worked with Thames21 and Graham from the Thornton Heath Action group, as well as our Litter Free Norbury Volunteers to clean the litter from both the field and the river ! Croydon Council of course has helped us with access and removal of bags/items.

Some pictures :

After the clean up :

And what we have found (32 bags of litter and some odd items - not the bike !) :

Hopefully, now a local group will form to take over this beautiful nature space and do something fantastic out of it !

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