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Litter Free Norbury - What Are We About?

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Litter Free Norbury are a group of Norbury residents (Street Champions) who are frustrated with the unacceptable state of our roads.

Look around London Rd and you will see rubbish bags deposited at lamp posts, fly-tipping by the “big-belly” rubbish bins, and an absence of the old style bins which have been removed. We deserve better than this, and exist to make a cleaner Norbury possible. Please read below...

We exist to operate in the following areas:

  • Support – some people ‘hold their nose’ and walk past the dirty pavements on their way to cleaner areas, but others (like us) believe that everyone has a right to a tidy Norbury (it’s a beautiful place underneath the rubbish). Want to rant about rubbish on the streets? Tell us about it. Want to get involved? Join us!

  • To Lobby – it feels like tidy streets are not a priority, and we have encountered a general sense of “all areas have this problem”. NOT SO! Look at nearby Wandsworth or Bromley….even look at “nicer” areas within Croydon – we want to give Norbury a voice. As individuals, we have been disappointed at the lack of engagement by Croydon Council and our local MP. We hope that as a group, we are able to achieve better engagement.

  • To Hold To Account – The Labour run Croydon Council has gone bankrupt, there has also since been a change of leadership, yet at this point, it is unclear whether there is a joined up strategy for keeping our streets clean. We WANT the Labour Council to succeed in making Norbury a much nicer place to live, however in the event that we fail to achieve this, we would like to provide transparency on our efforts in order to support residents in their decisions for the 2022 Council Elections.

  • To Practice What We Preach – we aim to have regular street cleaning sessions where we get out the Hi-Viz Vests, rubbish bags, litter-pickers and stiff yard brushes!

But what about the other Resident Associations?

If you live in Norbury, you know that there are wonderful residents associations manned by people who love and care for this area. Litter Free Norbury has great respect for these associations and will support and stand by them in every way. Over the last two years, we found that there was little progress being made in terms of Fly-Tipping and Clean Streets, so we have formed to tackle this problem as our only focus.

Do We Support Any Political Parties?

No, we will work with anyone who has the shared aim of cleaning up our streets.

We are optimistic that Norbury Labour Councillors and the Cabinet Member responsible for Rubbish & Fly-Tipping will speak with us. It would be good to see interest from the Croydon North MP - we will use this space to document our progress.

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