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The "Bin Lid Shut" Index

We live in a world of data - everything we do generates a data trail. That's why it's particularly disappointing that recent decisions to remove the old street bins and move to big belly bins has not been supported by some type of data observations to measure whether the move has been successful or not (from the public's perspective). From the perspective of cost, this move by the Council might be regarded as successful however it has visibly lead to more littering, black rubbish bag dumping, and fly-tipping on our streets.

Litter Free Norbury is calling for a "Bin Lid Shut" index that could be used to measure the efficiency of the rubbish collections. On rubbish collection day, when the domestic refuse bins are put out, are their lids shut, or are they piled with refuse bags such that you can't close the lid (see above)?

What happens if we live in a community where overflowing rubbish bins are tolerated for several days a fortnight (between collection cycles)?

- Rats, vermin and foxes are able to get into the rubbish, open up the bags, and scatter food and waste through our streets.

- It sends a signal we don't care (and you are far more likely to throw rubbish onto a dirty street than a clean one)

- It pervades into our mindsets and the way we engage with other folks

- Ultimately it affects our perceptions of ourselves and how much we feel we are worth compared to other areas.

Whilst council may say that overflowing bins is unacceptable, we are not sure whether this problem is unacceptable enough to stir them into action.

We feel that we need a "Bin Lid Shut" index to measure whether domestic rubbish collection is working, and we call for the return of weekly domestic rubbish collection.

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