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Our First Pilot - Stop Fly-Tipping by the Bus Stop On London Road

We're happy to say the Councillor responsive for rubbish/fly-tipping in Croydon has agreed to speak with us. Rather than get dragged down by endless meetings analysing strategy etc, we want to make a simple request - a clean-up goal that we aim for, and in the process, other relevant conversations will open up.

We would like to reduce (ideally stop) the fly-tipping and the rubbish bag dumping by the big belly bin on London Road, (by the Bus Stop near the Polish Deli) - see the images below. We will bring enthusiasm, good will, our own man-power, and any extra help that we can provide. In return we need the Council to guide us on how to accomplish this, and together we will drive this.

Equally importantly, if this cannot be done for any reason, we would like to clearly state this. This is a big deal for us as presently, it does not feel like this bus stop (and the many other dumping spots like it) are receiving the attention it deserves.

We will let you know how we get on!

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