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Croydon Communities Consortium Meeting - 11th Dec 2020

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Yesterday we attend a meeting organised by the Croydon Communities Consortium.

One of the reasons for the creation of Litter Free Norbury is that we felt alone in our requests for cleaner streets. We found many welcome allies in the meeting.


  • Although the Cabinet Member responsible for litter/fly-tipping had been invited to this meeting, he did not attend. I hope he can attend next time as without Council in attendance, we are powerless.

  • The Shadow Cabinet Member Helen Redfern did however attend, and tried as much as possible to give help and information, though she has limited oversight of current plans.

  • Discussions centered around: - Potential closure of some of the 3 waste/re-cycling centres. - The current fly-tipping problem: it seems that only 21 cases of fly-tipping have been prosecuted out of the thousands of fly-tipping incidents. - One member outlined how he had diligently reduced incidents of fly-tipping around the West Croydon area by persistence.

There were a huge number of people registering an interest in this meeting and the fact that no member of the Labour Council were able to attend does re-enforce our belief that our needs are not being met.

In the run up to the 2022 Council elections, we would like this blog to transparently document the help that we have or haven't received from the Labour Council.

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