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Combatting Fly-Tipping: 2 Ideas

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

There are two specific ares within Norbury that are constantly fly-tipped over and above the usual 'black rubbish bag dumped by tree'. They are both by bus stops:

- The area adjacent to the bus stop by Abby's Peri-Peri and The Norbury Complex.

- The area adjacent to the bus stop by the Polish Shop/Dominoes Pizza.

The Fly-Tipping that is happening here is brazen - they just don't care. Here are two possible solutions to the problem (both require help by the Council, but who else is proposing ideas!):

1) Use the CCTV on London Rd to identify the vehicles involved in fly-tipping and send them a fixed penalty notice - if this works for cars, why can't this be done for fly-tipping? The offenders probably won't pay but it sends a message that we are watching, and people who are repeatedly fined will eventually stop, especially once the fines stack up, and county court judgements can be made etc.

2) Use the CCTV on London Rd to identify the people involved, and name and shame them - it has worked for some -

These ideas will be put forward to Council.

Fly-tipping really brings out the nasty side of human nature however one thing is for sure - if we change nothing, then nothing will change.

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